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When it comes to cycling accident compensation, Fletchers Solicitors are industry experts...

In fact we have been specialising in this area of personal injury claims since the firm was established in 1987. This passion has been driven by the keen cycling interest of our founders, but also out of a need to fill a looming gap in the personal injury market.

Increasing petrol prices and traffic congestion has seen the bicycle industry really take off in recent decades, but unfortunately when you run small vehicles such as these alongside cars, buses and trucks on the same type of road, problems can always occur and that's why at Fletchers we are here to ensure that your rights as a bicycle user are upheld.

No bicycle compensation case is too large or too small...

At Fletchers we deal with each case on an individual basis, with a personal yet professional approach. You should never feel intimidated to make a claim, regardless of how small it may be, or how large the business or individual that you are making the claim against is. If you have been injured as a result of the negligence of another person then you have every right to seek compensation.

Some examples of where you might be eligible to claim include:

Collisions with other vehicles
Unseated due to foreign obstacles or substances in the road
Unseated due to poor road conditions
Quote open Dealing with the accident was tough, so luckily Fletchers was there to take the hassle out of my personal injury claim Quote close

John Duncan, Wentworth

At Fletchers we understand that despite a cyclists' size, you have the right to be treated with equal respect to any other road user, and it simply isn't good enough to say "I didn't see you" As a cyclist you have the right to complete your journey in a safe and efficient manner, as a respected road user.

Quote open I never realised I would be eligible to make a claim, but now that I have been successful, I can get my life and my finances back on track Quote close

Sally Mackenzie, Manchester

When it comes to accidents on the road, cyclists often unfairly shoulder the blame and at Fletchers we are here to help ensure that doesn't happen. Bringing together all the knowledge and expertise gained over 25 years of experience in this field, our team of lawyers will ensure you receive the best possible advice and guidance throughout your claim. Working together, we can make a successful compensation claim.

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